Tupper Arts plans to reopen its gift shop and gallery on July 15th, 2020, if all required metrics are met for phase four reopening. Hours will be 12-4 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday. The July 15th opening date is contingent on no new upswings in COVID-19 infection rates, the continued availability of testing for the virus and antibodies, sufficient contact tracing, and the availability of personal protective equipment for staff and volunteers. Be checking the Tupper Arts website and Facebook page for updates.

Due to the delayed opening date, Tupper Arts will combine the Annual Tupper Lake Art Show and the Adirondack Woodcrafts Show to run from July 15 through July 30th, 2020. Submissions are still being accepted for both exhibits.

The revised calendar for upcoming events at the Tupper Arts Center gallery is:

Annual Tupper Lake Art Show & Sale/ Adirondack Woodcrafts Show              July 15-30, 2020

Peter Thomas Wildlife Sculpture                                                                            August 1 – August 16, 2020

“Relatively Speaking”                                                                                              August  19 – Sept. 7, 2020

Randy Jones Art Show                                                                                            Sept. 9 – Sept. 27, 2020

Tupper Lake Plein Air Festival                                                                               Sept. 30 – Oct. 4, 2020

Also coming up ...

Relatively Speaking
Burnett/Ketcham Family Art Show

Four artists plan to show their work at the Tupper Arts Center from August 19 through September 7. Matt Burnett, Melissa Grant (Burnett), Amy Coddington-Burnett, and Randy Ketcham are all local to the Adirondacks!

Because of a delay in opening the Tupper Arts Center due to COVID-19 precautions, the dates for Randy Jones' One Man Show, originally scheduled for May 23-June 14, are now September 8-28.

Previously featured in our gallery:

Kathleen Bigrow

   According to a 2008 Adirondack Life magazine article, in the early 1950s a young Kathleen Bigrow reporting for the Adirondack Daily Enterprise decided to buy her first camera when the photographer assigned to her showed up late to a press conference that she was covering. With $300 borrowed from a local bar owner (her loan request was turned down by commercial banks), she began a long career in photojournalism. Long before the age of digital photography, Kathleen’s husband built a darkroom in the basement of their home so that she could develop her films in time for press deadlines. Over the years, she honed her skills as an accomplished photographer. From comments of those who knew her, she was a gritty, no-nonsense reporter who never said no to a story.

 The Kathleen Bigrow Film Conservation Project

   Tupper Arts has been given a valuable resource that has historical significance to the Adirondack region.   The vast photographic collection of journalist Kathleen Bigrow has been generously donated to Tupper Arts by Jim Lanthier Jr.  The collection includes thousands of film images taken over the 50-plus years of Kathleen’s career. Tupper Arts has begun an effort to catalog, digitize and archive these wonderful images. In addition to protecting the collection, Tupper Arts goal is to make the collection available to the community.

   This exhibition is our first attempt to share Kathleen’s unique vision and artistry. We hope that what you see here brings back many fond memories. For those of you who were not around when these images were captured, we hope you will leave with a better sense of the community’s past.

“He Paints, She Quilts”

Dick Trick, showing 40 of his paintings, grew up in Tupper Lake where he attended local schools.  Lydia Middaugh uniquely quilts in wool and has won recognition on a national level for her fine quilts.

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