Important gallery and gift shop update:

Our gallery and gift shop is closed to the public!

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we are unable to open our gift shop during the holiday season. However, we plan to have our online gift shop up and running by Thanksgiving, with new items added every week!

We will open by appointment for interested parties.

Please email to request a visit to our gift shop and gallery!

Going Live on Thanksgiving:

 Our Online Gift Shop!

Coming soon to our online gift shop are the remaining paintings from the Plein Air Festival and a wide array of items made by local artisans that have been featured in our gift shop! Not in the area? Not to worry - we will ship to you!


We feature the work of many talented local artists and artisans.
Buy local, support the arts, and get that unique gift with an Adirondack flair!


Here are the artists/artisans we feature and what they do:

Brenda Hollis and Peter Shrope:  pottery, each in his/her unique style.  Brenda’s pieces feature deep earth tones on bowls, mugs and various other items; Peter’s work ranges from sculpture, to tiles, and vessels; many of which are finished with glazes he has created from his own surroundings, Adirondack rock glazes.

Michael Campisi:  Michael finds desks, tables, music boxes and other items at auctions, flea markets, and various shops and recreates them into art objects with an Adirondack flavor, using twigs, bark, oil paintings, leaves, woodcuts, and other items.

Christine Lang:  she recreates found items using a wood-burning technique called fractal work, which lends an abstract pattern across wood items  The fractal pattern is also seen in the wooden covers of a set of pottery canisters.  She currently has a hutch and a large hutch on sale at Tupper Arts.

Paul Chartier:  His strikingly beautiful  Adirondack photographs feature local scenes, often framed in original and unique ways, including  window frames and old door frames and other.

Linda Benzon:  her tunning photography features Adirondack and area scenes with a wispy character, similar to an expertly created watercolor portrait, that feature the skill of an expert eye...she helps us see things we might not otherwise notice.

Linda Kahn:  her “birch people” are made of birch logs, leaves, fungi, and woodland discoveries which become delightful and whimsical fishermen, hikers, owls, and even a group called “ The Book Club”

Karen Greiner:  handmade jewelry reflects a wonderful sense of symmetry and combination of glowing colors that the eye feasts upon.

Don Polunci:  Handmade birdhouses, each with a story, created from slate, wood, rock and featuring aB

 bear, moose or other woodland animal on the doorstep.

Pam Belleville:  fused glass creations, both utilitarian and artistic.  From monster nightlights to delicate lilies;  jewelry, lamps, and scenes with herons and sand cranes, all reflect her artistry.

Dan King:  large forged iron pieces include a gorgeous sunflower arrangement with a small beetle on a petal and range as far afield as a toilet paper holder...genius at work with flame and hammer.

Brian McNaught:  an author and renowned speaker on gay issues, Brian has some of  his books available at Tupper Arts.  Among them are: Grog, the Frog with no Polliwogs, and The Lincoln Chronicles.

Ed Donnelly:  his watercolor painting of a mother Merganser and multiple chicks is fantastic; in addition Ed has photographs and other paintings on display.

Jessie Donnelly:  Jessie has created very lovely and unusual nightlights with handpainted birch trees on slender slabs of gemstone.

Beth Johnson:  cloth art dolls currently featuring witches and Christmas elves, as well as pillows with quilted covers featuring ducks, loons, and various Adirondack scenes.

Diana Richardson:  handpainted glass balls featuring birds, and other Christmas scenes; her cardinal paintings are especially appealing.

Donna Sloan:  soon will show quilts and wall hangings at Tupper Arts.

Mike Trivieri:  a wood carver of incredible expertise, Mike currently has an

intricate carved scene of pond life at Tupper Arts.

Newton Greiner:  Watercolor scenes from the Adirondacks.  His beautiful winter scene is currently featured on the poster advertising his watercolor lessons at Tupper Arts.

Newton has taught watercolor painting at Tupper Arts Center.  Stay tuned for future classes! Interested persons are welcome to drop by on any Tuesday, regardless of ability and training. Each session is $20 and all watercolor needs are supplied.

Fran Yardley:  Fran gave a “book talk” on Wednesday, October 17, and her book, True North, based on the history of a small part of the Adirondacks, is on sale at the Tupper Arts Center.

Michelle Gannon:  Amazing oil paintings which include black bears in various woodland surroundings.  Michelle often frames her artwork with thousands of tiny stones.  She also has notecards at Tupper Arts.  Michelle currently teaches art at Long Lake Central School.