My Nine Lives, A Memoir
  • My Nine Lives, A Memoir

    Dana Fast

    with Yvona Fast

    "Dana Fast was boran as Lilka Miron in Warsaw Poland in March 1931 in a very assimilated, educated Jewish family. She was 8 when the Germans entered Poland and spent the years 1940 - 1942 in the Warsaw Ghetto. After a daring escape where she and her brother were smuggled out, she was passed from family to family and spent the rest of the war in a series of hiding places under different assumed identities.


    After the war she graduated from Warsaw Polytechnic with a master's in chemistry. In 1962 she left Poland for Israel, and in 1964 she immigrated to the United States. In the States she worked in medical research departments of several universities and other research istitutions. In her retirement she became a Master Gardener and is active as a volunteer in many community events and projects."