Kit's Interactive Theater

This interactive show depicts the arduous life of early America as well as the revelry. Though days of rest and merriment are few, today is the day of the Colonial Faire.  Help indentured servant Katie Cotswold finish her chores so all may skip off to the faire.  Partake in the games and frolics where merriment abounds just before the rollicking Maypole dance!  

Performance combines history, dance, music, imagination, and improvisation with a great mixture of humor. Kids and adults are cast right into the show.
Developing her original style of interactive theatre since 1987, Kitty writes, choreographs, produces, and performs all of her material for Kit’s Interactive Theatre. Her passion for history and love of theatre have inspired her to create 16 different, high-energy programs ranging from Ancient Egypt to Women’s Rights. With so much creativity, spontaneity and wit packed into each show, adults have as much fun as the kids! Great for ages 5 thru adult.