Blessid Dirt

Tereson Dupuy and Eric Pasternak make up this beautiful, Adirondack grown acoustic duo called Blessid Dirt. Both singer-songwriters, their original music is ripe with life experiences most can relate to.


Classified as heavy-folk, they have been influenced by greats such as John Prine, Mary Gauthier, Townes Van Zandt and Led Zeppelin alike.  Eric, a native New Yorker, dazzles listeners with some wicked good pickin’ with a brilliant lyrical balance. He brings a dry humor and real life edge to this duo’s setlist. While Tereson, a transplant from New Orleans, adds a bit of soulful Southern charm, making this duo something to be experienced. 

Blessid Dirt just released their debut album, appropriately titled “Blessid Dirt.” It is a good sampling of their range of songwriting that is still being explored as they grow as artists.